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Thriving communities are caring communities.


The Philly Goat Project folx have made a home for a herd of 13 lovely, trained goats in the middle of the city. Through daily acts of nature-based kindness we create a place of belonging for everyone; connecting with each other by being responsive to the needs of our community and in service for the greater good.

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PGP provides consistent, free access to nature and therapeutic resources. We do so intentionally, in an outdoor urban setting, without appointments.

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We believe in the power and possibilities of groups of people working together. Our hope is that by sharing resources and the talents of many, community members will see how to be part of something bigger, building self-confidence, strength and hope.

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We help people create spaces and programs that support the local community and its natural environment. We foster a culture of caring and working together that makes people powerful.

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Providing Philadelphians with opportunities to enhance their own well-being and learn transferable skills is central to our mission. We create open opportunities for people to build new relationships, receive job training, learn about nature and strengthen their mind/body connection.

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 Growing WITHIN

The combination of learning new skills, growing new relationships, improving mental health and building resilience doesn’t always feel good in the moment. But using the natural calming effects of nature, the disarming, delightful power of goats and PGP’s trauma-informed approach to wellness, all help create a space that is approachable, welcoming and adaptable, also fun! PGP sparks emotionally positive experiences that keep people coming back.

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Everyone’s life is better when they’re part of a community. We foster a culture of kindness and belonging that helps people build connections, 

learn about local resources, and create community.

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