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Why Goats?

Goats are a universal creature and are found in every country. Unlike dogs, they can be cared for outdoors by a large number of people. They are perfectly suited to be ambassadors to the outdoors in a city. They are people-sized, smart, funny, loving and expressive, and live in families, just like us! PGP’s team provides unique care and training making our goats clean, gentle and comfortable in a wide range of settings from walking on city streets to engaging with students in a school gymnasium. Our goats can be walked on leads by many people, follow commands to pull a wagon, perform tricks and love affection from each other and from humans. They are even litter box trained! 


Our goats come from trusted farms, including Amazing Acres, to ensure that they are disease free and their temperaments are suited for engaging with people and each other. They come to us after they are weaned, usually around 3 months old, often as a group of siblings or cousins. They are nurtured and cared for by our team members, supporting them to become comfortable in multiple urban settings with a wide range of visitors and caretakers. Our team members follow a training protocol to teach the goats functional commands both verbally and with hand signals. Each goat has a distinct personality and relationship within the herd and with the humans around them. PGP offers a variety of ways that visitors of all capacities and ages can enjoy and experience this delightful connection.

Our Goats are G.O.A.T.

Watch rap artist Armani White's "GOATED" featuring our famous goats!

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