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our story

The Philly Goat Project (PGP) was founded in 2018 with a mission to provide accessible wellness activities in nature with animals.  PGP partners with trained goats as a means to create meaningful change through social connection, intergenerational participation, and access to nature. PGP has engaged over 1 million people in goat-assisted activities at The Farm at Awbury and throughout the greater Philadelphia area.

our values

PGP's values include offering free access to nature and therapeutic resources without appointments, believing in the power of working together in groups, creating caring spaces that support the local community, exploring opportunities for enhancing well-being and learning transferable skills. PGP also focuses on personal growth through building relationships, improving mental health, and building resilience, while fostering a sense of community and belonging.

our people

The PGP people herd is led by a small but mighty staff of two social workers, two educators, and one former corporative executive! Together with a passionate and driven group of professionals, community members, and volunteers, PGP provides educational, therapeutic, and community building programs.

our goats

Our goats live year round at The Farm at Awbury, a beautiful 16-acre green space that is located in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia. Our goats come from trusted farms, to ensure that they are disease free are suited for engaging with a range of people. They are nurtured trained and cared for by our team. Each goat has a distinct personality and relationship within the herd and with the humans around them.

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