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the philly goat project Celebrates the Dynamic & Delightful Capacities of Goats 

by Building COMMUNITY, WHILE Creating 





Our community is the cornerstone of the Philly Goat Project. We are committed to engaging with friends and neighbors across generations to promote wellbeing, take care of our environment, and create unique opportunities with partners around the city.
Keep an eye on our events calendar. There is always something going on!
Are the goats coming to your neighborhood? We are often visiting parks, universities, schools and libraries. Check our events calendar.

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The goats live at The Farm at Awbury which is FREE and open to everyone 365 days a year from dawn until dusk.

You can always come to The Farm to see the goats in their paddock or grazing site from the other side of the fence. 

Interacting with the goats in any way is only available during Public Events or private visits.




Goats are one of the most sustainable and earth-friendly animals. They are vegetarians and love to eat things that other animals ignore. Goat grazing helps manage invasive weeds while encouraging regrowth of native perennial plants. Goats produce organic fertilizer that helps restore soil.
Looking for a environmentally friendly way to clear some weeds? Click here to learn more about goat grazing!
Learn about local sustainability efforts from our partners, Let's Go Outdoors, by taking a walk with the goats. 




Together, our goats and staff partner with visitors of all ages and abilities to provide opportunities to learn about cherishing the natural world around us, even in the city. Educational programming explores agricultural and environmental topics as well as history and social justice - just check out who our goats are named after!
Want to learn more about our goats and the environment? Check out our...
Educational Partnerships including
Middle School Internship Program
Field Trips
Special Education Classes
learn more. 
Want to explore how our goats can support your well-being? Check out our...
Animal Assisted Therapy
Therapy programs with special needs schools 
Individual animal assisted therapy with licensed therapists.
learn more.



Our specially trained goats are full of big personalities with insatiable appetites for both weeds and snuggles. Whether it’s animal assisted therapy, community events or corporate team building, our goats are ambassadors at special events of all kinds. We are happy to work with you and love finding creative opportunities to connect our goats with the greater world, for the greater good.

Special Events

Our gentle and trained goats can partner with you to bring joy to your organizations programs.


Corporate Team Building

PGP offers  experiences with corporate teams to come together for a fun and meaningful day of farm work and caring for the goats.

Private Goat Walks

Guided walks with a halter led goat of your choice through the beautiful arboretum’s historic land which includes one of the only urban meadows in the city.


Private Parties

PGP can arrange for a social distanced party of up to

25 people for an hour with our goats in their play area.



PGP was created by Karen Krivit and Lily Sage in 2018. Karen is a clinical social worker with 30 year of experience in working with families and individuals challenged with disabilities and trauma. Lily is a funeral director and artist who is passionate about the confluence of sustainable practices and participatory programming related to grief. In the 3 years since its inception, PGP has engaged over 700,000 people in goat-centered activities in the greater Philadelphia region.


PGP was created to provide opportunities for urban residents to ​connect to ​nature in a dynamic and novel way by using goats. PGP is our country’s first city-based multi-service goat program, providing grazing, animal assisted therapy and wellness events, environmental and educational experiences and community engagement opportunities across many platforms. PGP's barn is on the grounds of Awbury Arboretum, an historic non-profit program that is free and open to the public 365 days a year. PGP offers a variety of ways that visitors of all capacities and ages can enjoy and experience Goats for the Greater Good. 



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Getting to the Farm

The Philly Goat Project is located at The Farm at Awbury Arboretum (6336 Ardleigh Street).


Please park along Ardleigh Street and walk through the gate. Walk straight back, past the community gardens, education center, chickens, and high-tunnel greenhouses. The barn will then be on your right.

Check the events calendar because we are busy goats and often out and about.

Philly Goat Project
The Farm at Awbury Arboretum
6336 Ardleigh Street
Philadelphia, PA 19138


Getting here On Public Transit:

SEPTA Chestnut Hill East Line
Washington Lane Station Stop

Cross the street opposite the pond to the north side of Washington Lane and walk east about one block to enter The Farm along a path. PGP is at the far side.

XH bus stop on Washington Lane

Mailing address: 518 Narberth Avenue, Merion PA 19066


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