Zoom with the Goats!

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have had to cancel almost all of our programming. We lost our state-funded grants and many other sources of regular income. Despite this challenge, we want continue supporting you and allow you the opportunity to continue supporting us...virtually!


We miss you too, but hopefully we can use the power of technology to keep in touch without touching each other.

Groups of 9 or less

nonprofits and school groups

Groups of 10 or more

For unlimited guests...invite everybody!
For registered nonprofit organizations and  schools that have gone virtual

20 Minutes

20 Minutes

20-30 Minutes

40 Minutes

40 Minutes

- - - - - $60 donation
- - - - - $100 donation
- - - - - $100 donation
- - - - - $200 donation
- - - - -  Sliding scale starting at $30


** All donations to the Philly Goat Project are tax deductible and help us keep our goats afloat!
***We are happy to use other platforms such as Facetime, Go2Meeting, Skype, and more


1) You send an email to director@phillygoatproject.org and tell us who you are
2) We say hello and find a time that works for both of our schedules
3) On the day-of our soiree, you invite us to your online meeting
4) We accept your invite (but not your proposal for marriage) and we have a great time showing you around the farm.
5) Your herd can ask ours whatever questions you have and we will hang out and be adorable!
*Trust the

virtual Goat Gift cards




Awbury Arboretum's

Agricultural Village

6336 Ardleigh Street

Philadelphia PA 19138

TRAIN: Washington Lane Station on SEPTA Chestnut Hill East Line

BUS: XH bus stop on Washington Lane