Meet the Goats

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Nigerian Dwarf

Did you know that goats can eat Poison Ivy? They can and they do! Ivy is smart and very sassy. She loves babies (maybe because they have snacks) and is always eager to play.



Nigerian Dwarf

Theo is loyal, gentle, and very cuddly. He will do almost anything for a carrot, but cannot be bothered with zucchini. He is named after not one but two famous inventors from Philadelphia: Theophilus Van Kannel, inventor of the revolving door, and Theodore W. Richards, who won the Nobel Prize for his discovery of atomic weights! 

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Holiday is a quick learner! Her tail always wiggles when she is learning a new trick. She is named after the famous Philadelphia jazz vocalist, Billie Holiday, also known as "Lady Day", Holiday was an improvisational genius whose music rests firmly in the heart of American history and storytelling.

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Baby Joy is only a few months old but she has already stolen our hearts. She is named after one of our core principles at the Philly Goat Project; to spark joy wherever we can. We hope that her name will remind us of our mission and inspire joy in all that we do.



Nigerian Dwarf

You might recognize Clementine from her interviews on local news channels, or even from QVC, but if you've ever met Clem you would know just how humble she is. She is named after Clementine Cope, one of the founding family members of Awbury Arboretum where the goats live!

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Teddy is named after Teddy Pendergrass -  a famous soul singer from Philadelphia known for his booming baritone voice. Like this trailblazing namesake, our Teddy is a natural leader who always finds his way to the front of the pack. He is very fond of Christmas trees!



Nigerian & Saanen

Oliver was donated to the PGP at age 3. He is a gentle giant with a heart of gold. He loves toddlers and any kind of special attention. He is both stubborn and timid, but despite these challenges he is learning to do amazing things like pull a cart!

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Nubian   2018-2019

Annie was an affectionate peacemaker who was deeply loved by all. Annie died in a tragic accident after falling down a steep hill. She was named after Ann Preston, who became dean of the Philadelphia Female Medical College. Preston led the first boycott of goods made by enslaved people, which helped demonstrate ways for all citizens to support social justice.




Raymond, or "Ray", is calm, cuddly, and always by your side. He is named in honor of Raymond Pace Alexander, a lawyer who became president of the National Bar Association and the first Black judge to be appointed to the Common Pleas Court. Pace was a graduate of Philadelphia's own Central High School.



Nigerian Dwarf

Violet is Clementine's twin sister! She was born deaf but responds to non-verbal cues in American Sign Language and has no problem keeping up with the herd. She is named after Violet Oakley, the first American woman to be commissioned for a public mural. Oakley painted murals in Germantown as well as Harrisburg. She depicted women as strong bearers of peace and justice. She lived openly with her partner, Edith Emerson for over 40 years.



Nubian and Saanen

Kiyoshi is ahead of the game. He was born early in the spring, he learned his name within a day, and he is already eating poison ivy! He is named after Japanese American anti-war and civil rights activist, Kiyoshi Kuromiya. Kuromiya worked in Philly to establish the Gay Liberation Front and wrote the first standards of care for patients living with HIV and AIDS. By speaking his name we hope to honor his commitment to intersectional activism. 




Abe is a goat, but his graceful movements might have you mistake him for a deer or even a ballerina! The goats live in Germantown, so it is only fair we name one of them after Abraham op den Graeff, the founder of Germantown. op den Graeff came from a Mennonite family of textile workers and was a highly acclaimed weaver. He was a civic leader and was among the Quakers who signed the first organized religious protest against slavery. 



Nigerian Dwarf

Bebito is handsome, adorable, and he definitely knows it. Bebito was the nickname of Awbury Head Landscaper's nephew, José. José was only 21 years old when he was shot and killed in February of 2018. We remember and honor him through the joy that Bebito, his namesake, continues to bring.



Nigerian Dwarf

Anthony is named after abolitionist and educator, Anthony Benezet. Although Benezet insisted on being buried in an unmarked grave, his parents are both buried in Germantown's Lower Hood Cemetery. Our Anthony is sweet, sensitive, and will always stay close by your side. He is Bebito's fraternal twin and Ivy's half-brother.



Nigerian & Oberhasli

Pronounced like "oh-nah", Oonagh is a Welsh name. Oonagh and her half-brother, Oliver were both donated to the PGP at age 3. She is equal parts protective and playful. Oonagh made her grand debut as an actress this year and played Mary's Donkey in a Christmas pageant! 




Awbury Arboretum's

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