What is goat grazing?

Goats eat leafy, overgrown vegetation, including poison ivy; they can stand on their hind legs to reach plants as high as 6 feet. Goats are not lawnmowers; they eat the leaves of a plant revealing the roots and vines for humans to cut back and remove.

PGP uses either cattle panel metal fencing or flexible solar powered electric fencing depending on the site. 

Is goat Grazing for you?

The Philly Goat Project is extremely small and our goats lead double lives as therapy animals. We are a job skills training program for teens in our community. We are therefore only able to take on a limited number of grazing clients who fit within the following criteria: 

•  Live within a 20 minutes (not MILES) from our barn

•  Have less than 1 acre of land to be grazed

•  Know their neighbors and their dogs

•  Could be available (or have neighbors available) to respond in case of an emergency

•your vegetation consists of things our goats will want to eat

and doesn't have anything toxic to the goats, including, yew, rhododendrons, azaleas, boxwoods and laurel

How much does it cost?

This price is determined based on how difficult it is to set up fencing and maintain the goats while they are on the job. Our goats graze in small fenced off parcels, approximately the size of a tennis court. When the space is larger, the fencing will be moved and grazed one parcel at a time. It costs generally between $300 - $500 per parcel depending on conditions.

How does it work?

1. Review the criteria above to determine if PGP goat grazing is for you.

2. Send a short video and some photos of the area you would like to have cleared, include your name, cell phone number and address to 

Note that our schedule is full for 2021 please contact us in Spring 2022.

We cannot consider new private projects at this time.

3. If your site looks like a possible match and you have reviewed our pricing, we will then visit in order to measure the area and explore any potential hazards and give you an estimate on price and timing.

4. The goats will stay overnight in a temporary shelter within the fenced in area and will require daily visits from our trained staff for walks and health checks.

If PGP can't assist you with your grazing needs please check