Why goat grazing?

Goats are able to eat up to 25% of their body weight per day in roughage!

They specialize in leafy, overgrown vines, including poison ivy and can stand up on their hind legs to reach plants as high as 6 feet tall.

Their unique digestive system destroys the seeds of invasive plants and reduces the overall rate of future regrowth without any pesticides or chemicals. Unlike machines which blow seeds about, make noise, and rely on the use of fossil fuels, our goats do all of this quietly and peacefully.

Is Grazing for you?

The Philly Goat Project is a small, but growing business. Due to our size and current herd capacity, we are able to provide grazing services to clients who:

•  Live within a 20 minute drive from our barn.

•  Have less than 1 acre of land to be grazed.

•  Know their neighbors and their dogs

•  Could be available (or have neighbors available) to       respond  in case of an emergency


Goats go where people can't, eat what most animals won't, and leave behind only fertilizer. 

They prefer to eat shrubs, weeds, vines, young trees, leaves, etc. They're great for clearing brush, scrub growth and reducing fire hazard. BUT GOATS WILL NOT MOW YOUR LAWN! They prefer to eat coarse, and leafy things and they do not eat very much grass. 

How does it work?

Our staff will ask for pictures or videos of your property and discuss an estimated time-frame and price.

From there we will do a site visit to measure the land to be cleared and explore any potential hazards or obstacles involved in setting up our fencing and make any estimate adjustments.

We will set up solar-powered electric fencing around the area where the goats will be grazing.

Finally, we bring the herd into the fenced-in area to begin their work. 

We will determine if the goats will stay overnight or be transported to our barn at Awbury each evening.

Our staff will check on the goats daily to make sure they are doing well and to answer any questions you or your neighbors might have!

Our herds work in increments of 200 linear feet. When the area is larger, the fencing will be moved when they are ready to move on. 

The goats do not need supplemental food while they are eating on the job!

What does it cost?

Our goats graze in increments of 200 linear feet (roughly the size of a tennis court).

It costs between $300 and $500 per 200 linear feet. This price is determined based on how difficult it is to set up fencing and maintain the goats while they are on the job. 

If PGP can't assist you with your grazing needs please check

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