educational partnerships

internship program

The Philly Goat Project works with 3 middle schools that are walking distance from the Farm, partnering with teachers and students from 7th and 8th grades. Selected teachers are trained to take care of the goats and donate their time to collaborate with engaged students. Students who show interest are invited to apply for paid internships with the PGP. Interns learn job skills, build their resumes, and foster lasting connections to mentors within the community.


The PGP choses to work with middle schoolers because they are at a critical age for developing self confidence. By fostering their confidence and abilities to become empathetic, creative, capable leaders, we are able to invest in their future and the future of our community.

When 7th grade interns graduate our program, they become 8th grade mentors for the incoming group of 7th graders. This continuity of mentorship sustains the PGP’s mission of using “Goats for the Greater Good”.

Educational Outreach Programing

PGP offers a unique way to students of all ages and abilities to get excited about learning concepts related to science, nature, history, and the environment. Our goats make teaching fun and hands-on , whether the students visit us, we visit them, or we are on line. Additionally, enhancing goals that focus on social emotional wellness, self-regulation, communication, fine and gross motor skills can be incorporated throughout a school visit. PGP teams have provided educational services for hundreds of students throughout the region creating delight and lifelong friendships. Some of our school partners have included The Philadelphia School District, HMS School, Widener Memorial School, PA School for the Deaf, Germantown Friends and Penn Charter Schools. 

Educational programming (including special educational programming)  and field trips,  can be arranged for most large or small groupings at the farm, at your location or virtually.  Prices vary depending on age and needs of the students. Please contact us to discuss your unique needs.

Environmental Education Partnership
Philly Goat Project partners with Lets Go Outdoors to explore the importance of our local waterways and their impact on environmental health. All trail walks are, of course, accompanied by our goats.
Wellness for education
Self-care is a critical component of a successful academic journey and our goats are here to support students' wellness! Our goats visit local colleges and universities to assist in guided meditation walks and yoga or to simply provide some stress relieving snuggles.
storybook walks

PGP celebrates and promotes our literacy initiative by providing community and library focused storybook walks and live storybook readings with the goats in partnership with the Free Library of Philadelphia. Walk a goat and read a story together with a favorite person, who knew reading could be so much fun!

Goat city t.v.
Visit our YouTube Channel, Goat City T.V. for videos that explore wellness, science and nature as well as some lessons on sign language for our tiny goat, Violet….and of course, meet the chickens! PGP has partnered with The Free Library of Philadelphia and WHYY to help create these videos.