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private VISITs and zooms

Private Goat VISITs

*We offer private visits on a limited basis as our calendar is often filled with mission-focused events.*

The Farm at Awbury is free and open to the public daily from dawn to dusk.

The goats and chickens can be seen by visitors at any time.

Interacting with the goats in any way is only available during Public Events or Private Visits.

About Private visits

When scheduling a private visit, we recommend 1-hour visits which allow for time in the paddock and a walk with the goats. Groups with friends under age 4 are limited to a 30 minute visit.


Private visits must be 10 people or less.

Maximum number of children in any private visit is 4, unless special permission is arranged in advance.

We are unable to accommodate Birthday Parties (sorry), but feel free to visit us on your Birthday.

( Please keep in mind that we offer limited private visits. )


Our goats are gentle and trained to interact with a range of visitors.

Our farm has some paved pathways that are accessible for strollers and wheelchairs, however our barn is along an unpaved road, and many of the pathways are more rugged.

Please let us know accessibility needs; we are happy to accommodate!


We stagger our private visits to assure that social distancing is followed. 

We wash hands and touchable surfaces before and after entering the goat paddocks. 

Goats do not spread Covid 19. 

All visitors and staff must always wear masks.


*There are no public bathrooms during this time, we apologize for the inconvenience.*


*Please check our EVENTS CALENDAR prior to sending dates and times as our weekends are often booked with mission-focused programming and we offer very few weekend private spots.*


60 minutes event

2 people $90 + $30 additional per person. 10 people max.

30 minutes event

2 people $50 + $15 additional per person. 5 people max.

10% Weekday Discount. Weekday discounts do not apply on holidays.

$50 deposit is required to reserve your time this will be applied towards your total fee.

Payments can be made with the following:

Venmo: “@phillygoatproject” (last 4 of phone number 7153)

Pay Pal: “

CashApp ”$phillygoatproject”

Check made out to “Philly Goat Project” 

Credit card payments require a 3.5% fee to support our non profit.

You can purchase a gift card for a loved one to use for their own private visit here.

Planning your visit

The address of the farm is 6336 Ardleigh Street, Philadelphia PA 19138.

There is street parking and a 3-block walk from the street to the barn.

The barn is located to the right of the green houses.

*Please allot time for the walk into the farm.*

*We may be unable to accommodate your full event if you are more than 15 minutes late*


weather and scheduling

Our coordinator will reach out to you if there is a need to move to your Rain Date.

Your guide will reach out to you the day before to confirm your visit via text.

Please check the weather and dress accordingly.

*Click here to submit a reservation request*

zoom with Philly goats
Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 6.16.10 PM.png

Can’t get to the farm…

PGP offers a variety of styles of Zooms for your needs including parties, wellness,  educational and field trips. 

Join us for a meet and greet with each of our 14 goats

and learn about their personalities and namesakes.

Take a tour of the farm, enjoy fun tricks and cuddles with the goats, and/or an overview of our program and

non-profit. You can ask us questions or just hang out.

We are happy to use other platforms such as Facetime, Go2Meeting, Skype, and more...

Zoom reviews on 

groups under 10 people (We count “people” as connections to the online meeting.)

20 minute Virtual Goat Party | $60 donation

40  minute Virtual Goat Party | $100 donation

groups of 10 or more people, unlimited guests...invite everybody!

20 minute Virtual Goat Party | $100 donation

40  minute Virtual Goat Party | $200 donation

corporate options

10-minute Corporate Meeting Cameo | $100 donation for unlimited guests.

25-minute Corporate Meeting Virtual Tour | $250 donation for unlimited guests. 

non profits and school groups

contact us for sliding scale

All donations to the Philly Goat Project are tax deductible and help us keep our goats afloat!
Private Visit Booking Request

Our availability for private visits is extremely limited due to our mission-focused programs. That being said, scheduling is often done two weeks in advance and may not be available on weekends.

Zoom With Goats
private booking request
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